While growing up in Japan my mother was the owner of esthetic salon, I watched and listened closely to her vast knowledge of traditional beauty and skin care secrets. After completing my masters in bioengineering from the University of Washington, I decided to go back to my roots and chase my passion for beauty and skin care products. Wanting to integrate traditional beauty tips with my scientific knowledge and fuse them into skincare products. After pouring over research, I found evidence to suggest that eggshell membrane, known to have many different anti-aging compounds, could serve as a key supplement for various products. I cooperated with scientist here in California to develop skincare a new and innovative product line in Genovo Skincare ®.

My goal is to share the true set of age defying products, especially for those who have struggled to find products that work for them. This product line is dedicated to my mother, Eiko, she is my motivation and the reason I have the passion and drive to pursue my dreams.